Prayer of the Blind Man

The Blind Man’s Home

Prayer of the Blind Man

Everyone has a dream of one kind or another. Mine is to have a Green Sustainable Home in Hawaii one day in the near future.  Mind you, this is conceptual and my spouse and the universal consciousness may have other plans.

Why Hawaii? Well for one most important thing, it is where my spouse Cedric Locquiao’s family is from.

For another it is tropical so no fuel oil is needed to heat the homes in the Winter months and the trade winds help to cook the homes in the Summer.

The winds too could power Helix wind turbines to, along with solar panels, provide domestic electricity and to power any needed air conditioning unit that may be used on extremely humid days.

More about my green dream home.

The floor and walls would be of concrete to act as a thermal mass in the winter absorbnig the suns solar rays to help keep the home at an even temurature in the winter while being cool to the touch in the Summer when the sun is not able to shine within the house due to the wrap around Plantation style porch where we, family and guests can sit to enjoy the views and scented breezes.

The home would be around 3,000 Sq’ with a large open concept family gathering room and kitchen/dining area. The homewould be single story as at age 51 I am still in decent shape but not liking stairs as much as when I was thirty years younger. The home would have floor to ceiling security screened windows that can be slid away into the walls allowing a greater flow of the cooling breezes in the Summer months plus allowing more indirect light into the home.

The roof would be created with steel Heel trusses bolted to the homes concrete exterior walls fro greater strong wind resistance and too allowing full depth insulation within the attic above the homes cathedral ceilings. A water capture system would be added to the roof to capture the daily rains and provide domestic water (filtered through a multi stage alkaline water system) for drinking, cooking & bathings thus removing the need to be connected to city water or having to drill a well (Hey,…it’s my dream! :) Composting toilets to fertilize surrounding trees removing the need for a septic tank and leachng field. A grey water system would be installed to water flowering trees on the property.

The home would have 2 master bedrooms, 2 man caves and several guest bedrooms in case relatives need to spend the night after a party all installed with sensors that tun off lights when nobody is in the room.

Electronics would all be built in to the walls as would most of the furniture or be setup to be hidden away when not in use.

The home would be surrounded by raised planters for scented flowers and food crops. The raised garden beds would also act as walls keeping the dogs in the yard. A wine and root cellar would be added too.

Ideally I would like to initially live off the grid and if that proved to hard, to eventually be connected to it if need be.

Donald Bosso

Henderson, Nevada USA 89014