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I Need A Prayer

When you say “I Need a Prayer”, blind online prayer minister Donald Bosso is there for you!  He performs his daily prayers every evening and invites volunteers from around the worl to join him in prayer for the people who post their prayer requests and also to pray for Mother Earth, Sustainable Energy and Green Living.

Donald was ordained by the Universal Life Church back in 2007 in order to offer online prayer to those who submit prayer reqests to him from his home in Henderson, Nevada USA.  Donald only offers online prayer and does not at this time solemnize wedding

Please post your prayer requests whenever you need a prayer.  Donald reviews all prayer requests before posting them to TheBlind.us.  Once posted he then prays for the requestor and invits others to join him in prayer.  When praying for someone be sure to click the button located below their prayer requests “I Pray for You” so they will be notified of having received another prayer on their behalf.


Blessings of Joy & Happiness,

Reverend Bosso

I Need a Prayer