My name is Donald, I am the Blind Minister of the Universal Life Church residing in greater Las Vegas Nevada USA.  Get ordained at The ULC Monastery and join me in prayer for Mother Earth!

Originally from New Haven Connecticut I relocated to Las Vegas 10 years ago from a spiritual forest community called Leyden in Western Massachusetts to work FT for MGM Corporate HR where I now help People with Disabilities to find gainful employment.  I also volunteer my time as a member of the Nevada Council of Blind Lions Club District 46 of Lions Clubs International and also Nevada Council of the Blind.

Earth Day Earth Healer

My Earth Day Healing Prayer Mission

My goal is to send Reiki Healing Energy through Prayer to Places Around the world and on Earth Day of Every Year, increasing the health and wellbeing of Mother Earth. Every day is Eath Day!

In 1963 I was born and later baptized at Trinity on the Green, an Episcopal parish in the heart of downtown New Haven Connecticut..  In 2007 I was ordained by the Universal Life Church with the purpose of performing online prayers that channel healing reiki energy to Mother Earth in hopes of helping to Health the World!

I was attuned to Reiki I, II & III Universal Life Force Energy by Reiki Master Peggy Jentoft.


Join me on Earth Day!  Let us all Join in Prayer for Healing Mother Earth.  To help heal the World through shamanic healing as a New Age Christian ULC Prayer Minister.

I believe Reiki Energy is intuitive and will flow to whichever part of the earth mother’s schere that is most in need of this positive enery.
While my main focus is sending Reiki Healing Energy into Mother Earth on a daily basis, I do take requests from People interested in Space Healing.

What is Gaia?  Scientists believe that the Earth is a living breathing being and that we all are part of her.

Learn more about The Gaia Hypothesis by James E. Lovelock.

What is Reiki?

Learn more about Reiki by visiting Reiki.org The International Center of Reiki Training.



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