Happiness is being in the moment with you my Asian lover, and having health, peace of mind and spitituality. Sharing our lives ups and down is very, very good, so are flexibility and understanding.

Joy is found in being with you and all the things you do…but also in family, friends, work, and play; Gaia Mother Nature: snowflakes, clouds and mountains; puppies, parrots, trees and flowers; really fine Belgian truffles and an occassional black lager.

Ecstasy will be connecting and becoming one with you my love.
You understand what I said above, who I am, what I want.

YOU know who you are as an openly Gay man (wife) and what you want: a gay white man (husband) lover who is affectionate and romantic. You set goals and meet what you want. You are compassionate, fun, outgoing yet humble, spontaneous, expressive in bed and very monogamous as well as being very fit, active, and intelligent. You enjoy taking care of your man and a rewarding & challenging career.You embrace the dark as well as the light. You feel and express emotion freely and with sensitivity. You refuse to carry another’s emotional baggage, and yet are empathetic to your lover being a blind, because though I am blind I work full-time and am a member of two volunteer organizations supporting the rights of the blind in Nevada. You speak honestly and act with integrity. You compromise only what you do, not who you are. You love yourself and want to share your wants and needs with a partner such as myself, a man with a disability who doesn’t allow it to rule his life and who helps other out who are in need too.

Though I cannot see your eyes I know the light within shines in your eyes and you are radiant in every way.

So am I.

Let’s connect and be One!


Gay White Male Top Seeks Gay Asian Male Bottom for

Love, Romantic and a Lifetime of Happiness (GWM4GAM)


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