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Donald The Blind Buddhist lives in the Sacred Grover of the Mojave Desert in Nevada within Clark County close to the Las Vegas Strip.  Aside from selling Hand Malas online Donald the Blind Buddhist also offers FREE Reiki Remote Spiritual Healing.



Buddhist Hand Mala Prayer beads, also called “Juzu” or “Ojuzu”. Made from real, renuable wooden Maple Wood beads, 12mm with a genuine 13mm rose wood guru bead and markers total 16 counting beads plus guru. Juzu are made to order in Nevada by the Blind Man and Energized with Reiki Energy.

Juzu are frequently given as gifts – for example – to celebrate a birth, marriage, a coming-of-age, etc. They are also given as keepsakes and a source of protection to loved ones.

Good Karma to you for supporting the Blind Man by purchasing his Hand Mala.



Reiki remote healing is a method of sending Reiki energy from a particular place to another. It is associated with the symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen which literally means having no future, present or past. According to the practice of Distance Healing, a Reiki practitioner present in one place can send Reiki energy to a distant place. Distance and time do not hold any significance under the practice of Reiki remote healing. It is considered to be one of the most unique and powerful symbol in Reiki. It gives a Reiki practitioner access to ‘Akashic’ or Life records of a person which can be used for karmic healing.
In Reiki remote healing, the focus is not on healing any particular physical problem, but the energy is sent to the entire body as a whole. This energy affects the Aura and Chakras of a person. If the receiver keeps an open mind, he / she will be able to feel the effect of Reiki energy on his / her body. Remote healing also consumes lesser time in comparison to live therapy.

Hand Mala Rosary Prayer Beads  by the Blind Man


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